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All The Fallen Mods

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In recent seasons, Destiny 2 has made good on its promise to add "more depth on the character sheet (opens in new tab)", largely through the addition of new Destiny 2 armor mods (opens in new tab), such as the Warmind Cell and Charged with Light (opens in new tab) sets. Though it can seem intimidatingly complex, once you get to grips with the basics these mods can be mixed and matched to create some incredibly powerful builds. However, many players are still under-utilizing race-specific mods, which shine in the game's hardest content. Here we will explain how to get them and where they work best.

Race-based mods debuted in the Last Wish raid from 2018's Forsaken expansion, where they had a chance of dropping from the secret chest. The initial batch was designed to help players fight Taken enemies, but subsequent raids and activities have added mods that targeted the Fallen and Hive races. There's currently nothing for Cabal or Vex enemies.

As with most good things in Destiny, acquiring a complete set requires a considerable grind unless you had godly RNG. That grind, which we've simplified as much as possible below, is worth it because a couple of the mods are absolute gamebreakers when it comes to survivability and damage output. So much so that the existence of race-specific mods is contentious within the community, as some players worry that they trivialise content.

It was therefore a surprise that Bungie opted to expand the lifespan of these mods by extending the lifespan of the raid armor which is needed to slot them. That gear will now longer be sunset until the end of Year 4, meaning you'll get plenty of use from the mods.

There are currently three flavors: Taken, Hive, and Fallen. Due to Beyond Light's likely focus on Fallen enemies, (the big bad is a Fallen Kell called Eramis), having a set of well-rolled gear with Fallen mods slotted seems sensible. Players looking to solo the Prophecy dungeon right now will also benefit greatly from the Taken and Hive mods, as many of the enemies count as both, meaning you can double dip on effects. Here are the different types of mod:

Interestingly, the Spec mod does not give an enormous damage boost, but still proves very useful. It grants a ten percent damage buff versus the seven percent from the Minor/Major/Boss spec mods, but the major advantage is that the buff applies to every enemy of that race. It's a flat chunk of free damage with no downside, which is probably why Bungie didn't make any more after the Taken version.

The Taken mods are only available from the two secret chests in the Last Wish raid. The good news is that, in most cases, players can get to these chests by themselves in a reasonably short amount of time, meaning you can open them on all three characters each week without much fuss.

These two chests are not subject to the infinite farming that Bungie enabled recently, meaning they can only be opened once per week per character. Six chests per week should net you the mods you want in a few weeks though, with Barrier and Armaments being the priority.

While likely the most important for the upcoming Beyond Light expansion, the Fallen mod set is currently the most difficult to complete. There is only one chest in the entire game that drops these mods and Guardians only get one shot per week per character to open it. To make things worse, this chest is in the Scourge of the Past raid which is getting vaulted at the end of this season.

One odd problem the game does have is its rather lackluster customization options and certain gameplay mechanics that are questionable. It's not a perfect game, but that can be remedied if you're on the PC thanks to the bustling modding community of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. To get you started, here are the 10 best mods you can install for better enjoyment. This is where the fun begins!

Updated April 21, 2021 by Sid Natividad: It has been more than a year since EA released Jedi: Fallen Order, a single-player game set in the Star Wars universe. Usually, reports of a sequel would be coming out by now, but that has not been the case. That's why for more of Jedi: Fallen Order, prolonging the game's shelf life with mods is a fun idea. So let's add even more good mods for the game.

It lets you create and customize the lightsaber colors. Now you can have red or even white lightsabers. Heck, you can even make them look like the Darksaber if you want. With this mod, you'll never run out of lightsaber options. Do note that it can run into compatibility problems with mods that also change lightsabers.

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order has only been out for a little over a week, but modders are already getting to work on the PC version of the game. The first mods to come out for Jedi: Fallen Order are changes to the protagonist Cal Kestis' looks. The mods may not make beating Fallen Order's bosses easier, but a new look can freshen up the game.

For those that are getting a little tired of looking at Cal, modders have already begun with visual mods to change around the Jedi's looks. There is even a couple mods to change Cal's outfit, as while ponchos are nice and varied, there's not much that can be done with the clothing underneath. It's no Fallen Order fast travel mod, but it's a start.

Of the recent mods, Jedi: Fallen Order's Better Call Cal mod appears to be the best. It offers two new graphical overhauls for Cal--one with a shaved head, and the second with a slicked-back hairdo. Both of them turn his black, so for those players that aren't fond of Cal's red hair can change it up a bit. There is also the Mature Cal mod, which gives the man a "mature" mustache and a bit of a face touch-up to make him look older. It's hard to tell if Cal really looks more mature, but the mustache is amusing to look at.

For those fine with Cal's looks, there are a few new outfit mods they can download instead. The White Knight mod changes up Cal's clothing to a white and green color and provides a matching poncho to boot. The Dark Knight mod changes Cal's outfit to a black and red palette. It isn't quite as evil looking as someone might think, so it's still fitting for the Jedi to wear. It's not like Fallen Order has a red lightsaber color to equip, anyway. Maybe that mod will come soon!

None of the Fallen Order mods are big changes yet, but it's only been a week since the game released. It's impressive that some mods are already even out! It's pretty likely the mod community will bring out more substantial mods in the coming months. Maybe there will be a mod to play as a Nightsister in Fallen Order?

Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is finally out and it didn't take all that long for a first batch of PC mods to see the light of day. Better yet, we've brought them all together in this list of The Best Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order PC Mods.The list of Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order mods mostly dabbles in the cosmetic side of things at the moment, bringing back everyone's favorite wrinkly faced Sith, Palpatine, letting you skip intros, and choose between several gorgeous Reshade filters.Jedi Fallen Order Mods

Although the mod offering for Respawn's latest is rather slim compared to those of other titles out there, they still allow you to customize your experience in some rather visible ways. Here are the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order PC mods that made us raise an eyebrow.Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Palpatine Texture Mod While it doesn't quite let you control the lightning-wielding baddie himself, the Palpatine Texture Mod gives protagonist Cal Kestus a makeover that also answers what he'd probably look like if he turned to the Dark Side. At the moment, there's still no download link for the first Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order mod, although that might change in the future. Nevertheless, creator Russel Jerome said that model replacement and texture reworks are possible and that more will be on the way "soon".Faster Startup and Config Tweaks Mod Annoyed by those pesky logos taking up precious time whenever you boot up Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order? The Faster Startup and Config Tweaks Mod gets rid of them, letting you jump quicker into the action. On top of that, it also comes with a few pre-made config files that adjust specific graphical settings like disabling motion blur. If you do choose to use them to customize your graphics, remember to only use one at any given time.Reshade- Enhanced Lighting Mod Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is, without any doubt, a gorgeous game that offers plenty of mesmerizing vistas. The Reshade- Enhanced Lighting Mod then manages to make everything look even better by tweaking the lighting through some arcane magic which, luckily, doesn't require going to Dathomir to pull off.Better Call Cal Mod The Better Call Cal Mod completely overhauls the Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order protagonist. If you've envisioned Cal wearing a buzz cut and having a slightly darker complexion, this is likely the mod for you. As an added bonus, the Force no longer guarantees Cal's face is cleanly shaven at all times and additional files let you play around with the color of his outfit.Dark Knight Mod Before you start playing a John Williams-esque take on the Batman theme in your head, the Dark Knight Mod doesn't quite have anything to do with the Caped Crusader. Instead, it gives Cal the option of wearing a dark outfit with red accents, which is a nice addition on top of the variations you find while exploring the galaxy.Storm Commando Mod


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