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Ek - The Power Of One Movie Dubbed In Hindi __HOT__

The film speaks volumes about illegal businesses and trades. The under-the-table transactions, the tussle for power, backstabbing, etc. are relevant to the corporate culture of today. Entrepreneurs could use this movie as a guide for identifying unethical practices and not go astray.

Ek - The Power of One movie dubbed in hindi


Citizen Kane is a movie that even if you are not an entrepreneur, or an aspirant too, you should watch regardless as it is one of the masterpieces of cinema. The movie revolves around the life of Charles Foster Kane who is a newspaper tycoon, loosely based on William Randolph Hearst, and his quest for fortune, fame, and power. But in the end, Kane comes to a realization and understands what is really important in life. It teaches one that while aspiring to be a successful businessman is a goal of every entrepreneur, it is not the only goal in life.

This movie is set in the world of Vegas Professional Football and the gambling world is just one of the places you will visit in the analysis of just how changes happen when things seem out of your control. Two for the Money stars Al Pacino and Matthew McConaughey in a cautionary, no-holds-barred tale about the destructive, shape-shifting power of addiction. It showcases that changes can be made by anybody if the motivation is there deep down. It is a great pick for new aspiring entrepreneurs out there.

Cast: Richa Chadda, Vicky Kaushal, Shweta Tripathi, Sanjay MishraMasaan is yet another small budget Hindi movie which will make you believe in the power of free Hindi cinema. The movie focuses on two different stories portraying loss and how people deal with it. The story deals with complex topics of the social fabric of India and delivers a good watch along with a strong social message. Featuring Richa Chadda, Vicky Kaushal, Shweta Tripathi, and Sanjay Mishra, the movie received overwhelming critical acclaim for both the touching story and performances of the lead actors.Watch the trailer hereCheck out Masaan on Netflix17. Sanju (2018)IMDb Rating: 7.8/10


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