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Note: This page refers to the twin robotic spacecraft currently studying the Moon. For details on NASA's new Artemis mission to return astronauts to the lunar surface, including the first woman and the next man, visit:


Download Zip:

Copy the file to the directory that you wish to install to and then unzip using an application such as WinZip.This should unpack the artemis.jar, act.jar, bamview.jar and dnaplotter.jar application files.

For issues encountered with installing the software please contact your local system administrator. For all other issues, please report them to our Github issues page or email

Create a shortcut to the artemis.jar JAR file. Edit the properties of the shortcut and add java -mx2g -jar to the start of the Target: field. -mx2g sets the maximum memory Java will allocate to Artemis (2 gigabytes in this case). We recommend choosing a number that is about 50 megabytes less than the total amount of memory in the machine (to allow for the overhead of windows and the Java virtual machine). 041b061a72


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