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Bharat Ratna Telugu Full ##BEST## Movie 71

Bharat Ratna Telugu Full Movie 71: A Movie That Celebrates Patriotism and Courage

If you are a fan of action and drama movies, you might want to watch Bharat Ratna Telugu Full Movie 71. This is a 1996 movie starring Vijayashanti, Vinod Kumar and Charan Raj, directed by A. Kodandarami Reddy. The movie is about Bharat Ratna, a military officer who loses her legs in a mission and is replaced by her look-alike Vijaya, a thief. Together, they fight against a terrorist group that kidnaps foreign delegates and tries to destabilize the country.

bharat ratna telugu full movie 71

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What is Bharat Ratna Telugu Full Movie 71 About?

Bharat Ratna Telugu Full Movie 71 is based on a true story of a brave woman who sacrificed her life for the nation. Bharat Ratna is a captain in the Indian army who is assigned the task of protecting a group of foreign delegates who come to India to discuss the Kashmir issue. However, she faces a deadly enemy in Nawab Khan, a terrorist leader who wants to separate Kashmir from India. Nawab Khan and his men ambush Bharat Ratna and her team and kidnap the delegates. In the process, Bharat Ratna loses both her legs and is presumed dead.

Meanwhile, Vijaya and Gopi are two thieves who are on the run from the police. They meet Major Patel, a retired army officer who takes them under his wing. He notices that Vijaya looks exactly like Bharat Ratna and decides to use her as a replacement. He trains her to act like Bharat Ratna and sends her to the army base. There, she meets Shekhar, Bharat Ratna's husband who is also an inspector. Shekhar is initially shocked by Vijaya's resemblance to his wife, but soon accepts her as his partner.

Vijaya learns about Nawab Khan's plan to launch a missile attack on India using the kidnapped delegates as hostages. She decides to stop him with the help of Shekhar, Gopi and Major Patel. They infiltrate Nawab Khan's hideout and rescue the delegates. They also manage to destroy the missile before it can be launched. In the end, Vijaya sacrifices her life to save Shekhar from Nawab Khan's bullet. The government honors her with the Bharat Ratna award for her services.


Bharat Ratna Telugu Full Movie 71 is a movie that showcases the valor and dedication of the Indian army and the spirit of patriotism. It has a gripping plot, a powerful cast, a thrilling soundtrack and a message of sacrifice and honor. If you are looking for a movie that will inspire you and make you proud of your country, you should watch Bharat Ratna Telugu Full Movie 71. d282676c82


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