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Ishtar Last Kiss !!LINK!!

Today a guy comes in to run a studio with a three-year contract, and it's going to take 18 months before his first movie is out, and it's got to do business or he's out the door. It makes for incredible conservatism. That has been the cycle for the last 10 years. The bright spot on the horizon was David Puttnam [``Chariots of Fire'' and ``The Mission'']. [Puttnam resigned as Columbia Pictures chief in September.] He's an acknowledged high-quality filmmaker, producer and director. We haven't felt the impact of his films yet. But if they are successful, Hollywood will begin to duplicate them. Oddly, I think the vast number of people in the industry were voting against him; they didn't want him to prove them wrong after all these years.

Ishtar Last Kiss


Things like the ``Witches of Eastwick,'' which destroyed a novel by going into their science-fiction, special-effects mode for the last 30 minutes of the film - what the studio machine has geared itself to do as a formula for the last 10 years. There is also the thinking that if 100 percent of the people exiting a theater can't explain the movie in a simple, declarative sentence, that it was too confusing. Books aren't that easy, and nobody complains about a painting if he can't understand everything an artist had to say. But the studios think differently - it's part of the television phenomenon: instant understanding, instant entertainment, instant gratification.

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