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Nikon Fe Serial Number Year Mercury

I bought a Nikon F2 Photomic a couple of years ago, not cheap, but in very nice condition with a working head. I had accumulated a small collection of pre-AI lenses to use with my ancient plain prism F. The F2 Photomic finder needs the commonly available silver oxide cells, not the old PX625 mercury ones. My old lenses work fine with the F2. I have 24/28/35/50/85/105/135/200/300. The 85 F1.8 H lens (Grays of Westminster) is a fantastic portrait lens and has earned me a lot of money in the past. Pity it was never an AI lens. Nice to have onboard metering with these lenses after all this time using a Weston Master V.

Nikon Fe Serial Number Year Mercury

I have used the Nikkormat cameras since 1981. My first was an FT. The meters are the weak spot: First, the Mercury 1.35volt cell is no longer available and the alkaline 1.55volt cell leads to erroneous readings. Second, the on/off switch in the windon lever accumulates dirt and this stops the power from reaching the meter. I tend to buy Nikkormats with non-functioning meters as these are much cheaper. For many years I used the Weston Master IV/V/Euromaster and Euromaster II. Now, these selenium meters are getting rather unreliable. In recent times, I have started using the Gossen Lunalite. It has 3 LEDs rather than a delicate needle and takes the widely-available PP3 9 volt battery. A spare or two takes up very little room and the rugged simplicity of the Lunalite makes it a pleasure to use. I have even bought a spare. I have also tried the Multisix and the Sekonic Auto Leader, also a selenium powered meter that used to be the Norwood Director. While taking some shots in a run-down part of Sheffield in the mid 1980s, a black youth tried to grab my camera. I whacked him in the face with the legendary Nikkormat and he ran off howling. I made a tactical retreat on a number 9 bus.


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