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Female Doctor Sex Stories |TOP|

After settling into my new digs, I had to arrange for a new doctor. I was referred to a local Dr. and had my first appointment. I was surprised in my visit that the Doctor was a lady, she and very good looking, mid thirties and by the ring on her finger, very married. She was about 5'7'' tall, short black hair and well proportioned, with firm breasts and a nice tight ass. I went into the room and sat down with the Dr. She asked me various things about my history and stuff. When we got to medication, she asked me what I was using. I told her I was on two high-blood pressure pills, one of each in the morning and another one a night. She checked my pressure and said it was under control. She asked if I was under any other medication, well the time was up, I said I use injection therapy for an erection. She looked up and I could see she was wondering why a young guy like me, mid thirties and not bad looking would have to resort to injection therapy. She asked me why my previous Dr. did this, I said as my high blood pressure developed, I started to have problems with erections, I said my previous Dr was not very knowledgeable in this area but she said it was due to having uncontrolled high blood pressure and it causing damage, the medication that I am taking to control it and um, the size of my penis. She immediately looked up at me and asked what I meant, I told her my Dr said my penis was about four inches longer than the average penis at 5 inches and a lot thicker. She then queried as to how my old Dr would know, I said in order to find out what dosage I needed, she had to do test trials on me to find what I was best suited for. The Dr. said she would like me to come back for another visit since she had taken some course on impotence and would see if she could help.

female doctor sex stories


I went to a female doctor when I was a younger man. I inquired about getting circumcised. She told me not to be embarrassed but she needed to take a look at me down there. I remember her smiling at me after she pulled down my foreskin during her exam. She was very open and told me circumcision was not necessary for me, but I could get it done because it looks better to girls. I asked if I was small and she laughed and said yes but that wasn't because I wasn't circumcised. When she asked me if I wanted her to see me naked, I nodded my head slightly. She said it was okay as she likes seeing men get naked too.

I pretended to have a spot on my penis so the female doctor could pull back my foreskin because i was horny and she probably knew it was for the thrill so she pulled it back and pulled it back up slowly and cutely all while it was getting erect in her hand.

I Was going to this new doctor I had never been to before. He was much older. I was only 18. He came in and told me he needs to do an full exam so I need to get undressed and into the gown. So he left and I got into the gown. I got onto the table and put the sheet over my pussy. He came back in sat down at the end of the table where my feet were and looked at my bald pussy. He tickles my clit with his finger a lil. It made me quiver. So he goes oh I'm sorry n smiles you probably didn't like that. I said well I did tho. He said well if you don't tell anyone I can do that again. I shook my head yes and he starts tickling my clit. The room was silent except for my faint moans. He then stops and puts his tongue on me. He asked do you wanna come back in a few days? I told him yes in a whiney voice. I told him oh no I forgot my mom's waiting on me in the car. He just kept eating me. He told me about how he does this with a few of his other clients after he made me cum. When I came he then took his cock out n fucked my pussy. My mom waited for two hours just so I could get licked n fucked. It was nice.

I have a late afternoon appointment for a gynecological check-up. My regular doctor is out and it's a woman doctor I've never met. She is an attractive woman, my age, with longish dark hair. She asks if I'm comfortable enough not to use a nurse and I say okay (the male doctor always uses one). She leaves the room while I undress and wrap up in green gown. When she returns I'm lying on the exam table. She starts with a breast exam, pulling open the top of my gown, but unlike the male doctor she exposes both breasts at once. She tells me to relax and close my eyes and lay my arms over my head. I do. She does the exam and I notice that her hands are softer than my normal doctor and warm. Her exam takes a long time and it takes me a while to realize that she isn't feeling for lumps anymore but is kneading both of my breasts at once and pulling up on my nipples. It feels good, very good, but I'm a little embarrassed and scared to open my eyes and look at her. I don't want her to stop. She comments on my nipples and asks if I have any problems with them. I say no and she pulls up on them again and mentions that they seem to be working fine. She stops touching my breasts and moves down to the foot of the table. My feet are already in the stirrups and I'm feeling a little nervous because I know I'm wet and that she'll probably notice. She tells me to continue to relax and recommends that I keep my eyes closed because it helps a woman to relax for the exam. She pulls open the rest of my gown and I am now completely exposed. I feel her slowly run one hand up from my knee to the top of my thigh. "You'll need to open your legs a little bit more for me." she says, pulling my knee out and I do. "There, that's better. Now I'm going to check the surface of your vulva and make certain that you don't have any problems there." She gently runs her fingers over my mound, barely grazing the tip of my clit as she does and it's all I can do not to moan. I feel her move her hand down to cup my lips. Her hand feels warm. She slides a finger between my lips easily because now I'm soaking wet. As she moves her finger up and down the mouth of my pussy she says, "You seem to have a lot of lubrication today. Is this normal for you?"I don't know what to answer. "Uh, sometimes. Not always." I say and I know I'm blushing. "Has this," she brushes her fingers against my clit again and I stifle a moan "type of exam stimulated you sexually before?""No, not normally. No." I'm starting to breath heavily and trying hard to control my reaction, with very little success. "Don't worry. This is very normal. You may find yourself feeling a lot of strong sensations as I examine you. Just try to relax and do everything that I tell you and I promise you'll be fine. Can you do that for me?""Yes, yes Ma'am. Doctor." I'm really horny and want badly to rock my hips into her hand. Trying to not react is very, very difficult and I'm struggling with it. "Okay. I'm going to slide a couple of fingers into your vagina now. Normally I would use a cream for this but I believe I can dispense with that today since you're already so wet. You're going to feel a little pressure now. Just relax." She slides two fingers deep into my pussy and I can't help it, I push against them. Once they're fully in, she slides them out again and then in. I moan as I feel her fingers pressing deep inside me. She pumps her fingers in and out of my pussy for a minute and then I feel her other hand on top of my mound, gently teasing my engorged clit. I lose myself completely in the feelings she's bringing to me and find myself drawing closer and closer to cumming. Just as I'm close enough to finally get release she stops abruptly. My eyes fly open and before I think I say, "What.. no.. don't stop." She smiles. "I'm done with that portion of your exam. Now it's time to move on to the next portion. I need you to hop off the table for me now." I ease myself down from the table, my legs much too weak to do any hopping. "That robe is going to get in the way for your next procedure. Remove it please and put it into that bin."I pull the robe off my shoulders and drop it into a bin near the foot of the exam table. I feel awkward standing up completely naked before her. My hands automatically cover my crotch and breasts, which is silly given the circumstances, but I can't help myself. "Turn around now, please and bend over the exam table. You can grab the sides of the table if you like. That's right, just bend right over. Very good." I feel her hand on my ass, rubbing it gently. She starts around the outside and moves in further and further. I feel her hand slide down between my legs to cup my pussy again. She stops for a moment and I hear her squirt something liquid. Suddenly I feel warm oil being rubbed over my ass and I moan. She teases my hole with the tip of her finger. "It's very important that I check the health of your rectum now, don't you agree?""Yes, yes..oh.. yes you should. I wouldn't want unhealthy.""Good girl. I'll need a little more lubricant." I feel warm oil drizzle down the crack of my ass. She circles my asshole with her finger, then slips it in. The oil lets her finger slide all the way in, past her knuckle and I grip the table. "Relax, this won't take too long." She slides her finger in and out several times, then adds another. I feel incredibly full and push back against her fingers. She stops her inward thrusts. "Are you ready for me to stop?" "No, no please, don't stop." "Do you want me to keep going?""Yes, yes, keep going. Please doctor."She thrusts her two fingers into me again and pumps them in and out of my oiled, shiny ass. I feel myself approaching the edge. She reaches around and rubs my clit as she continues finger fucking my ass. I bite the sheet on the exam table to stifle my scream as I cum. It feels like I cum forever with her fingers inside me and on me. She eases her fingers out of my ass and leaves me lying over the table, panting and feeling the aftershocks of my orgasm in my clit. I hear her washing her hands but still feel too weak to turn around. Then she rubs the oil off my cheeks with a warm cloth. "Goodness, look at the time. That examination took a little longer than normal. I believe my office staff have all gone home already. I would normally have you dress now before we go over your results but I believe with us being the only ones here we can dispense with that. Follow me please." She opens the door of the exam room and steps into the hallway. I follow her down the hall to her office, feeling nervous that someone might see me naked but unable to work up the courage to refuse her. Her office is warm and well-decorated. She removes her white coat and sits down in a wing chair, then motions for me to take the chair beside her. She's wearing a simple red dress and matching heels. "Oh, what a day. I'm a little tired. I could use a little relaxation right now." She looks at me and I'm starting to wonder if I understand what she means. She keeps up the eye contact while her hands pull her dress up her thighs, exposing stockings held up with lacy, red garters. I rise from the chair and walk the few steps over to her. She nods as I sink to my knees in front of her. "That's right. Don't worry. I'll tell you what to do." I reach under her dress and pull her panties down, past her knees and ankles, carefully lifting her feet so that they won't snag on her heels. She puts her hand on the back of my head and gently guides me in. I tentatively stick my tongue out and lick my first pussy. She pulls me in further and I bury my face between her legs.


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